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For High School Students

Talk to current college students LIKE YOU today. Set up your account, select your interests and see which college students match with you. Then set up a 10-minute video chat and ask away!

For Parents

Your student can talk with currently-enrolled, verified students at colleges across the U.S. with profiles and backgrounds matched to your student’s profile. Where your child attends college will be one of the most important and expensive decisions you’ll ever make. Be sure they make the RIGHT decision with admitearly.

For College Students

If you are currently enrolled in a four-year U.S. college or university with a valid .edu e-mail address, register your account now.
See which high school students match with you, chat for 10 minutes and get paid. It’s that easy!

Radically changing the college decision-making process

Now there is a new way for high school students to make their college decision. With admitearly, you can talk directly with currently-enrolled students at your dream school. Ask questions, get insights and build your network!
Ask Questions- Get Answers

admitearly is the only way to get around the admissions office and find out what life is really like at college.  Talk directly with students with similar backgrounds and profiles today.

Get Insights

Wondering what life is really like for someone like you at college?  Now, you can get unfiltered, unbiased information right from currently-enrolled students and find out more about dorms, majors, greek life, sports and more.

Build Your Network

Already admitted to your dream school?  Congrats!  Now you can meet upperclassmen in your major, fraternity/sorority or sports team and get a head start on building your network across campus.

About Us

We started admitearly to radically change the college decision-making process.

We want students to make informed decisions about where they are going to spend the next four years of their life (and over $100,000-$300,000). Sure, you can walk around on a campus tour or talk to the admissions office but what if you could talk with someone LIKE YOU who can provide an unfiltered, unbiased view of their experience? Now you can.

admitearly offers high school students the opportunity to search for college students with similar interests and experiences, ask questions about college life and receive real, unbiased answers.

admitearly offers college students the opportunity to share their real-life experience, help high school students and earn money over a 10-minute video chat.

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How It Works
Register your account for free, fill out your profile including home state, major and interests. Our algorithm matches you with currently-enrolled college students with similar profiles. Select a time for a video chat and connect! Each 10 minute call costs $10.00*

Current college student? Register your account for free, fill out your profile and availability and answer questions from high school students interested in attending your school. For every 10-minute video call, you will earn $10, straight to your Venmo. Do some good, earn some money!

*Plus service fees of $3.95 for every 10-minute video chat.
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Asked Questions


Are you a college student interested in spreading the word about admitearly, receiving gear and the chance to win gift cards and other prizes? Apply to our Ambassador Program by e-mailing us your details at


We want our billing process to be simple and transparent. High school student users are charged $10 for a 10-minute video chat with matching college students. Your form of payment will be pre-authorized for a charge of $10 upon initiation of the video chat.

Billing is $10 for every 10 minute increment, even if a video chat may be longer or shorter than 10 minutes. For example, you will be billed $10 for a 5 minute video chat, plus applicable service fees. If the video chat goes over 10 minutes, you will be billed $10 for every 10-minute increment. For example, you will be billed $20 for a 15-minute video chat, plus applicable service fees.

Service fees payable to admitearly are $3.95 for every 10 minute video chat increment. For example, for a 15-minute video chat, you will be billed $7.90 in service fees, in addition to the $20 payment to the college student user.

For users under the age of 18, you are required to enter a parent/guardian e-mail address to initiate and verify payment.

We are not responsible for missed/dropped calls, bad cell service or wifi. We encourage users to initiate and receive calls at the scheduled time in an area where they receive a strong wifi signal for best results. We are not responsible for the content provided by college student users. While we want students to have meaningful and informative conversations, you may not receive the best information from every user. As such, you may want to try and match with other users to form a more complete picture about a particular college or university.

We want you to benefit from our service and for billing to be fair. For refund information, please contact us at:


Our AI engine works to match high school students and college students using a proprietary algorithm. Some of our key criteria include home state, anticipated major and interests.

We are adding new users every day! If you don’t find a match right away, don’t be discouraged. You will receive notifications as new users match your criteria.


We created admitearly to provide a place for your high school student to form safe, meaningful connections with college students and help make an informed decision about college. We have taken steps to verify that college students are currently enrolled in a four-year college or university in the U.S. Our terms and conditions of use are designed to help provide a safe and constructive environment for interactions.

In order to ensure that payment is authorized by you, we have taken steps to ensure that you initiative/authorize payment for any user under the age of 18.

If you have any questions or concerns about our platform, please contact us at


Payments are sent to college student user’s Venmo or Paypal account. You can select where to receive payment at registration. You are solely responsible for the payment of local/state/federal taxes on any earnings.


High school students will rate their experience following the video chat using a 1-5 star system. College student profiles will show their aggregate rating. We encourage college students to be honest, transparent and professional in answering questions and providing information to high school students in order to receive the highest rating possible.

While we know ratings are subjective, we also want ratings to reflect real user experience and therefore will not change a user rating, even if the college student may disagree with a particular rating.

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    © admitearly, LLC.  All Rights Reserved.